Mixed Flour For Cake

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INGREDIENT:  Rice flour, tapioca starch.


1. Pour a 400g pack of flour used for making "Banh Beo" into 600ml of water, stir steadily, and sift the flour through a sieve.

2. Pour 300g of sugar into 200ml of water,boil the water for dissolving sugar and sift the mixture through a sieve.
3. Pour the above sugar mixture into the flour and steadily stir.
4. Boil water in a pot, keep the water boiling in 15 minutes, then put the mould inside the pot and steam it in 5 minutes. after that, pour the flour mixture into the mould, steam it in another 5 minutes then "Banh Beo" is well cooked..

Remarks: If you wish to make non-sweet "Banh Beo", you can skip the stage of boiling water with sugar.