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Ingredient :

- Banh Lot Flour : Rice flour, tapioca starch

- Bag food coloring : FD&C Yellow No.5, FD&C Blue No.1

Instructions for use :
1. Mix 300g Banh Lot flour packet with food color packet ( if you want to make white cake, the food color packet is not necessary), then dissolve with 900ml of water, put it on the over with low heat and stir well, when the dough turns clear, it is cooked.

2. Put a basket with small holes of chopstick size onto a cold water (or ice water) bath, then pour this hot dough into the basket, use a ladle to strongly press for the dough to fall from the basket's holes into stalks of 3cm long.

Banh Lot flour can be deliciously served with sugar, broken green beans, and cooked coconut milk.

This Premix powder can be used for making Banh Lot used in preparig sweet meat or cooking ordinary daily meals.