Flour for pancake ( Coconut Milk)

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INGREDIENTS: Rice starch , wheat flour, coconut powder , turmeric

Put the packs of saffron powder and coconut milk powder into a bowl of 400g of pancake powder, then stir wall with 750ml - 800ml of water, add chopped green onion and stir well again.

Wet very hot pan with liquid fat, add onion, prawn, pork in for cursory frying, then pour flour into the pan for evenly stirring, add bean sprouts, green peas well boiled into the middle of the pan. Cover up the pan for approx 3 minutes to make the bean sprouts well cooked.

Open the cover as having seen the cake evenly browned and crispy then fold it up in a haft (semi-circle), scoop the cake out into a plate to eat together with vegetables and fish sauce.

The remaining flour continue to be fully poured in.