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Ingredients: wheat flour , rice starch


Ingredients: 150g shrimp, 150g lean ground pork, 70g green bean, 150g taro, 70g onion


- Mix 400g of deep fried cake flour (with spice) in 800ml water and mix until it is moderately condensed.

- Add 1 teaspoon of seasoning grains in 150g lean ground pork with minced onion and mix well.

- Put boiled green bean, fiber cut taro and meat in the powder and mix well, leave the mixture for 20 – 30 minutes.

- Put oil in a pan or deep pot, heat oil and put mold in to make it hot.

- Take the mold out, put the mixture to 2/3 of the mold, put 2 shrimps on the surface and put in the oil pan, the mold must be submerged in the oil.

- Use medium heat until the cake’s edges turn brown, it will come off the mold. Take the cake out of the mold and continue frying until the cake turns brown, take it out and drain the oil.

- This cake can be served with vegetables and fish sauce or served with wet cake,rolled cake. 

* For vegetarian, shrimp and meat can be replaced by other vegetables.