Fried Crispy Flour

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INGREDIENTS : Wheat flour 70%, corn starch 10%, bread brumb (wheat flour, rice starch , corn starch , baking powder) 10%, tapioca starch 7%, salt 1,5%, pepper 0,8%, garlic powder 0,3%, onion powder 0,2%, chilli  powder 0,2%.

  • Rinse the raw materials and let them dry

      * Add 45 g fried crispy flour (equivalent to 3 tablespoons) to 600 g chicken wings (5-6      wings) in a bowl with lid. Put chicken wings in flour, mix well to coat flour

  • Add sufficient amount of fried crispy flour to a bowl with a covered lid, then put the chicken wings in such bowl, mix well so that the material can stick to flour.
  • Put a pan with oil on the gas stove, wait for the oil to be boiled, keep the low heat before putting on the materials, keep the material deep fried until parts of materials begin to turn brown, then pick them out.
  • Note: do not mix the fried crispy flour with spices or water. You can use the fried crispy flour for anchovies, snakehead fish, pompano.