Rice Spaghetti

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INGREDIENT: Rice starch, Tapioca starch.

Taken 1/3 bag of flour dissolve in 200ml of water.Stir it up, burn with light flame, stir it up slowly till it condenses to glue.

Pour rest flour to a basin, add to 300ml of water and stir up. Pour above glue into basin, stuff it upand down to make flour get mild and flexible.

Put flour into a nylon bag, cut atiny hole at one
bottom corner to knead dough (a tin-tube to design flower on cake will be used. Press to make dough turn out as a thread into a pot of boiling water, use onehand to move water roundly with a chopstick.

When dough done to a turn, it rises up, pick up it into a basin of water for cleaning. Then pick up it to dry water.

Take this rice spaghetti to a pot of soup (made by meat, shrimp, crab etc ... Add a few fish sauce or salt for delicious meal).