Flour For Wet Rice Paper

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INGREDIENT: Rice starch, Tapioca Starch.

FILLING: Pure pork meat cut into tiny cubes. Mushroom, manioc, violet onion be chopped well-kneaded then squeeze carefully-Put each one matter into hot pan, brown them in fat, done to a turn. Add sodium glutamate, salt, sugarhow to make tasty.
COVER: Mix bag of flour (400g) with 750ml water,add 1/2 coffee spoon of salt, shake slowly to dissolve everything.

Fasten a roll of cloth on the top of boiling water pot (only fill water to 2/3 the pot). Pour a ladle of watery flour all over the surface of cloth, spread it, then put the cover on the pot about 2 minutes make flour done to a turn. One bamboo stick to skim flour from cloth's surface. Put it on an oiled round tray. Put the filling of cake on that flexible flour, then roll it up. Eliminate the remains flour on the surface of cloth, and continue to steam the next.


Use a scissors to cut pancake by short pieces. Spread brown onion on pancake. Prepare for use with steaming bean sprout, salad and basil, dipped in fish-sauce with red pepper.